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Professional experience and skills
my usual duties...

Research and problem analysis, field studies, developing a deep understanding of user's needs, goals, aspects of the interaction with the product and creating experiences that match those

Conducting interviews with stakeholders: business, subject matter experts, data scientists (in case of machine learning based project), potential users

Storyboarding, business processes modeling and designing in purpose to get all stakeholders on the same page in terms of the goal, еnd-to-end Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)

Solution prototyping from wireframes to clickable prototype, experience architecture mapping (using Adobe XD or Figma)

User interface testing and usability audit

Graphic mockups of user interfaces, icons, pictograms… (Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop)

Leading SCRUM based development processes using Trello, Jira

Assisting to development team to transform design into product UI, reviewing and auditing block layouting in HTML, CSS


Pharma — Machine learning

Training interface of news auto-classification system in the pharmaceutical industry and monitoring of results. The main task was to minimize the time for the machine learning rating results assessment and correction by the end user.

Digital drilling

Oil and Gas — Machine learning

A digital solution to improve well drilling efficiency that helps company engineers identify emerging problems and take timely decisions on necessary corrections in real time.

Article in «Sibirskaya Neft» magazine, Youtube video

Details сoming soon...

Network data analytics

Telecom — Big data

Vantage (THENOWFACTORY) is an invaluable tool to support LTE rollouts, enabling you to proactively monitor and control the network performance and allows you to identify how specific network issues affect service quality and which of your individual customers are affected.

Details сoming soon...

Icons & pictograms

Small form graphics

Eclipse UI, Microsoft Windows, Windows 8 Metro, iOS, Android, Bada

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